Writing! And all the things that come with it.

Hi everyone!

I’m always bad about getting these blogs up. Normally it’s because of not knowing what to say or maybe thinking you don’t want to hear about it. It happens. You know, this past month in my reader’s group, The Banet Pride, I posted a lot of ‘here’s what I’m up to’ and I think a blog post should be dedicated to it. You know, through March and April, I suffered some immense writer’s block. It led me all over until I finally realized my problem…

I was tired. Not burnt out, but getting there. Not with writing in general but with what I was writing. I love reverse harem. I truly do and I think I’ll always have something reverse harem happening, or polyamorous at least. I love big hearts. I love found families. I love the strengths of individuals coming together and creating something stronger and beautiful, full of love. I don’t care if it’s slow and lacks the steam, or if it’s the hottest book I’ll ever pick up, as long as it makes me feel something. I loved writing them, pulling them out of just being a romance into something bigger. Protecting family, saving others, and the like.

But I was tired. Writing RH lends itself to some things that pretty much always happen. You have to explain the relationship, try to make sure the reasons for each character are there. You have to angle them so it makes sense. you have to balance it so that someone’s favorite male lead isn’t too forgotten, even if he’s stable and doesn’t have much going on with him. I love it, but it’s the same questions I was asking myself with every series, every book. I wanted new questions. I wanted new solutions.

So I branched out. I decided to write my first First Person POV urban fantasy that isn’t going to be a reverse harem. Let me tell, I had so much fun. Jacky Leon in Oath Sworn is… just one of my favorite types of leads. There’s something about her I appreciate and maybe when she’s released, you’ll all meet her and understand those things. Writing her refreshed me in a good way. I’m currently writing book three of Age of the Andinna, then I’ll probably write book three of Witch of the Wild West. We’re looking at possible August and September releases for those two, but we’ll see. I have a move coming up in July that could toss my plans out of the window.

Other than that… did you know I’ll be at PennedCon in September? If you didn’t, now you do and I really hope to see you there! The Redemption Saga box set is coming out in June, and so is Wild Love. The Kingson Pride box set received an update to include another short story about their group about Christmas. I think that’s everything! Thank you all for sharing your time with me! Thank you for reading. It continues to brighten my day.

Kristen Banet