Write What You Want: Prey to the Heart

I’ll keep this one quick! Some short retrospective rambling as I look back on writing Prey to the Heart.

You know the saying you’ll be happy doing what you want? Well, it’s true (for me). As the release of Prey to the Heart looms over me, I find myself alright with pretty much everything. There’s still some anxiety, since it’s unavoidable, but I’m alright.


Because I wrote Prey to the Heart and the sequel exactly as I intended too. It is SO DIFFERENT from everything else I’ve written. The oceans of difference between Abigail and my other works even had me worried. I was coming off the sadness and rough time of A Heart of Shame and needed something loving and light. So I wrote that.

I don’t think everyone will like everything I do, that’s for sure. This duet/duology is a clear example of me writing what I wanted to write. Something for me. It might not be my regular cup of tea, it won’t be my regular type of work, but these wolves and this doe made me… so happy. They are soft and normal. Sometimes, a little normal can do a soul good. I needed them and now they are here, in case you all might need them too.

That’s really all I have to say? I wrote these characters because my soul needed them. I love them for what they are, even if the world doesn’t like this tone from me.