Weekly: Kaliya, Kaliya, and… a coyote?

Hello everyone! It’s Saturday again. Am I really going to stick on a weekly schedule for blogs? Let’s keep a streak counter.

This is week 2. I’m already very proud of myself. No one can take this achievement away from me.

This week has been a lot of Kaliya. A lot. Writing Kaliya, finishing Kaliya art.

Writing Kaliya is like writing an accident in the making. I can’t lie, it’s really fun to write a character so self-aware of her problems and yet she’s going to do it anyway and she (almost) doesn’t’ care about who gets in her way. When a problem meets Kaliya, she’s going to try and solve it the same way she has every other problem in her life. Quickly and without mercy.

She’s learning, though and writing her conflict within herself is the best part. Y’all know I love that character development. The characters you meet in book one are never the characters you end the series with. I like seeing the parts that are unrecognizable and how they get there. What’s that thought process? What changed their mind or convinced them to go a different course? Well, I’m only writing book 3 right now, so we’ve got 3 more books after this. You’ll have to wait and see how Kaliya is going to change over the course of her series. And like all things, there’s a high possibility things get much worse in some areas before it gets better. 🙂

And now, a story about a coyote and then we’ll get to art.

So, I live in the suburbs, but at the very edge. My neighborhood backs up into a farm. My backyard looks out over said farm. It’s a nice view. Well, we have a coyote in the area now. My husband has seen it twice already, wandering the road right behind our backyard and just the other night, our neighbor saw it in his backyard. That’s crazy because we have giant stone walls. It had to scale a 5-6 foot stone wall. Now, I’m certain it’s looking for water, both my neighbor and I have pools. Monsoon season never really showed up this year either. I hope it’s okay and doesn’t get hurt. I’m not worried about safety of my animals currently. It ran when our neighbor saw it, so it’s skittish and my cats don’t leave their enclosure ever. I’ll keep y’all updated on developments, because I’m kind of attached to this thing now.

And finally, back to Kaliya, I finished the little picture I did of her. It’s been so long since I colored anything like this. It was nice to finish it too, just because I don’t do that anymore. I might throw her on some merchandise on Threadless. Enjoy!

Well, before you see it, a little bit of news. A POV will drop next week of Heath (aiming for Wednesday). I’ve owed y’all but been writing Kaliya, dealing with getting Age of the Andinna 6 ready for release, and other much needed admin stuff.

Oh, and a secret novella I’m writing got planned out. It’s about a character in the Jacky Leon series. You can have fun guessing until I announce it. Have a great week, everyone!