Weekly: Happy Halloween!

After two great weeks, my personal objective to make a weekly blog post continues onto a third week. Yes, I am still proud of myself.

Weekly Blog Streak: 3

It’s actually like three in the morning for me and this won’t go live for another twelve hours. Why am I bringing this up? Weekly topic: End of book WRITING MARATHON.

I’m writing this so late because it’s about my bed time. I’m still living my “Friday”. The strange world of being a night owl, amiright?

So back on topic as why I’m writing this blog in the middle of the night/very early in the morning. I’m almost done writing a book and I’ve hit what I like to call: end of book writing marathon. Once I get to the last third of a book, in the climax or right before it, I can’t stop writing. Admin work like editing, and personal stuff (art, etc) goes out the window. I got a book to finish. I’m one day away from being down with Kaliya 3, Monsters. I’m right there. It’s so close. BUT I don’t want to write all night and get exhausted without need. The book comes out in January. No need to rush, so I am taking the night to… write this blog and tell you how I’m writing this book.

It’s a never ending cycle.

Onto something better to talk about. HALLOWEEN!

Look, stay safe, stay healthy. Whatever your plans. I’m not doing anything this year, not even offering candy for kids (sorry kids, next year! I HOPE!). It’s a fun holiday. I like it. I’ll be writing and then playing Animal Crossing New Horizons. They have a Halloween event and I won’t be missing it. No real parties, so I shall play with my villagers and have a digital one.

That’s all I got today. Happy Halloween! Yay for a completed book! I move onto a short story after this and then Jacky 5 (both should be done before the end of November).

We’ve made it through one more month of the Longest Year of All Time. Only 2 more, everyone. Only two more.