Viva Las Vegas! (COME FIND ME: Signing on Friday!)

I’m in Vegas all week for a writing conference with loads of other indie authors! I just finished writing Blood of the Wicked, so no work for me right now, and I am going to have so much fun this week. This is my first time in the city, even though I live in Phoenix… Oops.

Here’s some snaps of the food my husband and I have gorged ourselves on so far.

And, to wrap this up. Let’s hope I get this all right, because I’m tipsy…

20Books Author Signing! Free for all readers who decide to come by.

Bally’s Convention Center

Grand ballroom

Friday, November 12, 2021

10am to 4pm

I’ll have K.N. Banet books (Jacky Leon, Kaliya Sahni, and Everly Abbott). $10 a paperback, $20 a hardback. 💙

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2 years ago

Why does it all look so good though?!

2 years ago

I just happened to stumble across the Jacky Leon Series last month (Oct 2021), I’ve already binged read(kindle)/listened(audible) everything and pre-ordered book 7 of 7. I’ve also, read the Kaliya Sahni books. It took me until book three, to enjoy Kaliya’s story as much as the Jacky Leon Series (not sure why). I’m looking forward to reading Ancient and Immortal in the Call of Magic (downloaded yesterday).  Sorry, I cannot come find you on Friday. FYI…I tend to order crème brulee, if its ever on the menu.