TWO Audiobooks?! And an update.

After several months, I have two audiobooks to present to you!

First, I’ll give you the one I know you’ve been waiting on, because I know. I know people want Shades of Hate. I know it’s been a long wait. I can’t really be sorry because it was out of my control. It was also out of Erika’s control (she manages audiobooks for me) and it was out of Savannah’s control (she didn’t ask to get into a car accident. She is fine. Thankfully. I know I love her and many of you do as well).

So here it is. Shades of Hate, Jacky Leon 5. OUT NOW!

In good news, we’re already working on Royal Pawn. Erika and Savannah are dedicated to getting it out before Rogue Alpha comes out as ebook/paperback in December. If it’s managed (let’s think good thoughts together), we’ll be on schedule. Gloriously on schedule.

The next audiobook some may be waiting on is Snared, Kaliya Sahni 2. OUT NOW!

Monsters will be within a month/month and a half (It is nearing completion). Reborn and Legends are already on the schedule too (With a March deadline on Legends. My people deserve to take the holidays off). Then we’ll be caught up with Kaliya by the time the last book releases on ebook/paperback. Yes, the entire Kaliya Sahni series will make it to audio. It’ll put me in the red but that’s life. Audiobooks are expensive and not nearly enough people listen to them, but oh well. There’s only six books in the series (hahahahahaha).

The last audio update isn’t a released audiobook, just a heads up. Servant of the Blood is current being worked on and we’re hoping to have it released by the end of October.

That’s all I have for you today for audiobooks. I’m going to wrap this up with a couple of things that are somewhat bland but important. These 3 things have happened just in the last week, so I guess they all need to be said.

1. If you are kind enough to report a problem with the website, please tell me how you’re viewing (Three options: desktop, tablet, mobile) and the browser you’re using (ex. Google Chrome). I would be incredibly thankful and grateful. Example: “Like, oh the newsletter sign up isn’t showing up. I’m on mobile/my phone with Safari.” It is the most important piece of information you can give me beyond the actual problem and tells me none about your personal data (I will literally only ask friends to test for the problem on their matching devices, if they have one). But since one person didn’t tell me anything like that (even when I asked), I guess I’ll never know why the newsletter sign up didn’t show for them. It worked for me and several other people when I asked them after getting said email, but I’ll never be able to replicate the issue.

So in the future, if you need to report an issue with the site, telling me something like that is the most helpful thing you can do. It allows me to bug the issue. Please and thank you.

2. Ancient and Immortal will be releasing in the Call of Magic Anthology. It is not going to the wrong link. Says it on the home page. Big purple banner before you get to the preorders.

3. The Contact Page has a check box that says you promised you check the website. I will absolutely know if you didn’t and your email will be discarded. It’s very clear. I put a lot of information on the website. There’s release dates, how many books will be in each series, and so much more.

Now, if you want to use the contact page for anything other than question, go right ahead.

Love y’all, truly. Hope you enjoy the audiobooks and let’s not disrespect the Contact page.