The Very Busy Time- Life and Books

Hey everyone! I’m here to talk into the void once again! You might be thinking “wow, there hasn’t been a blog post in 2 months” and you are correct! There has not been! Because I have been Very Busy (insert joke TM here).

You know, I don’t talk too much about my personal life, but I hope right now, you all forgive me for taking the chance.

We all know what’s happening in the world. It’s definitely unavoidable at this point. It’s changed the way many live their lives. To try and discuss the emotional impact it’s hard on people around the world is honestly too big a topic for me to take on. It’s also not my place. I’m not an expert and will not pretend to be (Stay safe please). Instead, I’m going to talk about my mundane life, just with the global pandemic in the background, a back drop to my personal insanity.

In January, my husband and I started looking into buying a house. I didn’t see much about the world news. Nothing too insane to worry about. Mostly, I was just excited to buy my first house. I was ready for it. We closed on April 14th. While buying this house, I had 3 books release, books to edit, and books to WRITE. Somehow, I’ve been getting all of that done. My husband and I decided to move in as quickly as possible thanks to the world issues and store closures. We had wanted to do work on any house we bought before moving in but we were totally fine putting all of that off. (We can paint and re do floors later. It’s not the end of the world) Or, we would have done it later, but then on April 18th, the supply line to the toilet in our master bathroom burst, flooded the bathroom, part of the master bedroom, and the closet. Then it proceeded to leak through the floor and drip into the kitchen through the dry wall, the light fixtures, and the vents.

It took about ten minutes from burst to flood. I had been out back playing with the dogs. My husband and our roommate were taking stuff off the truck, our very last load of things.

10 minutes. A list of things we have to replace or repair with our contractor? Carpets, ceilings, light fixtures, a couple other little small things. With store closures, with social distancing, and everything else going on, my very first house (only built in 2004 too!) flood on my four day of owning it.

It’s been a really busy time. So, today, after all of that, I just wanted to say…

Thank you so much for supporting me through these times. Thank you for reading. I hope my future words and the books they appear in continue to satisfy you, continue to bring you joy (or anger. I know how I treat my characters).

Next up? I’m just finished the first draft of Snared, Kaliya Sahni 2. It took 2 months to write, not because it was long or hard. Just read above and you can probably guess why it took so long. I’m about to start Jacky Leon 4 (I have a cover and a title). I’m aiming for a SEPTEMBER release for Jacky Leon.

Here’s a mini schedule as it stands:

May- Age of the Andinna Volume 1 (Books 1-3)

June- The Enemy’s Triumph (Age of the Andinna 5)

July- Snared (Kaliya Sahni 2)

August- Jacky Leon Volume 1 (Books 1-3)

September- Jacky Leon 4 (Title is a secret)