The Rebel’s Vision [Excerpt] And Other News

Hey everyone! As you can see from the title of this post, this is going to cover a lot of The Rebel’s Vision! What a book this was to write. Keep reading and you’ll get to an excerpt from it.

But I also want to talk about other things. Like, hey, it’s finally 2020! Isn’t that cool? My husband and I are trying to find time for a vacation, something out of the house and away for 4-5 days. I need a real one, but we’ll see if it can be pulled off or not without my releases or writing schedule slipping! Generally my time off is just sitting around my house, doing not writing (so getting ‘admin’ work done or just playing a video game to destress), and that’s going to have to change! When I have official dates when I’ll be gone, I’ll let everyone know!

In the news, Age of the Andinna Volume One is on preorder. This is a set of the first three books. You can find it here if you’re interested in preordering it. It will also be on Kindle Unlimited like the rest of the series. It drops May 15th, hopefully one month before Age of the Andinna Book Five.


I have a new pen name for non-reverse harem worlds. This name will cover urban and epic fantasy that has no connection to any reverse harem work I do.

New logo!

Under K.N. Banet, I have 2 releases coming out.

Bounty (Kaliya Sahni Book One) comes out in March! And finally… Broken Loyalty (Jacky Leon Book Three) comes out in April!

[THE REBEL’S VISION EXCERPT] – Some editing might still be needed for pre-release content

“What exactly is your problem today?” Allaina asked softly.

“We’re out here in the sun, busting our asses because you think we have to, yet you’re drinking wine in the shade. The Elvasi and humans used to do that shit. We had to bite our tongue then, but I’m not going to when it’s another damn Andinna.” Fyren spit. Mave didn’t get the chance to see where it landed.

Allaina had her on the ground within a single breath, Fyren hitting the dirt so hard, they all heard her grunt of pain and the hollow thump of her upper body slamming down onto the ground.

“I’m the mativa of this community. If you want to challenge me for the role, do it. As mativa, I have trained hard my entire life. I have studied hard to be the best leader I can be for this community. The job keeps me up late at night, has me sitting with the most important people of our race, and I’m done being disrespected by you. I took one afternoon off while these kind females have volunteered to help educate you. I spent the afternoon with other females of equal or higher rank than my own.” Allaina leaned down, meeting Fyren eye-to-eye as the other sat up. “If you have a problem with anything I do, you can take it up with our King.”

Fyren swallowed. “Is this how we solve problems? Just knock down the other—”

“You spit in my face,” Allaina growled. “If I were Elvasi, I would have taken your tongue. Take that into consideration when you build up this overblown outrage in your mind and decide to voice it. Dominance and leadership are important, but you don’t have the training to matter. You don’t respect the elders who have been doing this for centuries. You don’t respect the rank. We’re not trying to be assholes to you, so stop being assholes to us.”

“I never see you do anything more than training exercises. I don’t think you’ve ever broken a sweat out here with us.”

Mave crossed her arms, sighing.

“She’s right, Allaina. They haven’t seen you with a sword.” Maybe seeing Allaina’s skills would help. It helped Mave understand the other female.

“Of course, we haven’t. She’s a pretty bitch who probably fucked—”

Allaina’s sword was drawn and at Fyren’s neck before Mave could blink. Leria and Senri stepped forward, probably thinking they needed to stop it before the younger female died, but Mave didn’t move. She waited, hoping Allaina knew what the next step was.

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Well, there we have it. All my upcoming news, the potential of a vacation coming this year, and an excerpt from The Rebel’s Vision.

Here’s to 2020!