Shades of Hate Released!

It’s here! What time. Another release day for my longest series ever. (Jacky Leon is going to be 12 books long. No, I don’t plan to ever do a series this long ever again. I’m a fickle thing though, so who knows what might get plotted out in the future). On to the book and just me chit chatting.

Shades of Hate spoilers below.

Read the book before you go down: getbook.at/ShadesofHate

I was (am) slightly worried this book is a bit too much talking and way less action, but at the same time, it was nice writing Jacky staying home and dealing with personal, professional, and political problems with her favorite people around her. We’ll be seeing more of it, though… maybe not in book 6. If you’ve seen the preorder for book 6 (which I will put at the bottom of this post), then you might know some insanity is coming. But back to book 5!

It was nice for me to find places to show where Heath and Jacky are going with this relationship they have found themselves in and trying to hide. I know there’s a complaint that there’s not a lot of heat between them. They’re not burning passionate people like that. What grew between them was smoldering embers, not a blazing flame. And it’s been nice not to write two people swimming in the hormones of younger people and they can’t play the seduction games that other couples can. They’re also trying to remain a secret, so it’s an uncomfortable balance of trying to give them moments and also them remembering that they really can’t have moments. They have a seduction that will continue to grow as they find more space to do that. Never expect it to be off the charts steamy. Neither of them are willing to behave that way while people are watching and they don’t often have moments alone.

There’s a whole bunch more I could talk about. Dirk and Landon, Oliver, Carey, and or just about any of Jacky’s werecat siblings (Zuri has a particularly interesting event going on in her life, read the full story of it in the Call of Magic anthology books2read.com/callofmagic). Or I could talk about a certainly mother that has been notably absent much of the series. Or I could talk about the reveal during one of the final scenes.

But I’ll leave my comments on it just about Jacky and Heath. You can all theorize about everything else. Have fun!

Oh, and book 6!