Jacky Leon: January and July

Everly Abbott: March and September

Kaliya Sahni: May and November

When a series finishes, a new series will take the “slot”.
It’ll be updated here when that series is revealed.


18 January: HEARTS AT WAR (Jabari and Aisha)

15 March: BLOOD OF THE WICKED (Everly Abbott 2)

2 April: Age of the Andinna Volume 2

22 April: Ancient and Immortal (Zuri and Kushim)

20 May: DESTINY (Kaliya Sahni 6- Final)

15 July: BITTER DISCORD (Jacky Leon 8)

September: Everly Abbott 3

4 October: FULL MOON MAGIC (Rituals and Runes Anthology)

November: New Series!


Nothing here yet! Hopefully it follows the schedule above.



Note: Audiobooks take time. They rely on several schedules.
They are time consuming and expensive. They get done when they get done.
This is ALL the public information I am willing to provide due to the difficulties around their production.

LEGENDS (Kaliya Sahni 5): Released March 2022

BLOOD OF THE WICKED (Everly Abbott): In Production March-May

DESTINY (KALIYA SAHNI): In Production April-May