26 October: ANCIENT AND IMMORTAL (Call of Magic Anthology)
16 November: LEGENDS (Kaliya Sahni 5)
14 December: ROGUE ALPHA (Jacky Leon 7)


2022 will be a year of schedule changes. I am moving to a hopefully permanent and steady 6 month release schedule for all my series.
Here is the current idea of how the schedule will go for 2022. Continue for an explanation of the change!

18 January: HEARTS AT WAR (Jabari and Aisha)
15 March: BLOOD OF THE WICKED (Everly Abbott 2)
May: Kaliya Sahni 6
July: Jacky Leon 8
September: Everly Abbott 3
4 October: Runes and Rituals Anthology
November: New series!

Jacky Leon Release Months: January and July
Everly Abbott Release Months: March and September
Kaliya Sahni Release Months: May and November

When a series finishes, a new series will take the “slot”.
It’ll be updated here when that series is revealed.

“Banet, why are you going to every six months? THAT’S TOO LONG!”
Uh… If 6 months is too long a wait for you, find a different author to read.



Note: Audiobooks take time. They rely on several schedules. They are time consuming and expensive.
This is ALL the public information I am willing to provide due to the difficulties around their production.

REBORN (Kaliya Sahni 4): In production
ROYAL PAWN (Jacky Leon 6): In production
SERVANT OF THE BLOOD (Everly Abbott 1): In production
LEGENDS (Kaliya Sahni 5): Will begin production when REBORN is complete
ROGUE ALPHA: Will begin production in December/January

There are NO audiobook plans for:
Age of the Andinna, The Redemption Saga, or Wild Junction.