Hey everyone, I bring big news for you today!



I can’t tell you all how excited I am for this book to go out to you. There’s 7 books in the Age of the Andinna plan. This is book 6 and it is the book I’ve been looking forward to the most. As the penultimate book, there’s so much happening and it’s all so important to the final book. There’s major surprises here, everyone. I hope you’re prepared!

Now I’ll give you the blurb:

Pride comes before the fall

Riding the high of the victories their rebellion had been able to claim early in their campaign against the tyranny and oppression of the Empire, the Andinna stand tall. They find reasons to celebrate with every won skirmish, every freed slave, and every reunion with their friends from Olost. Mave stands at the top beside her king, her friend, and her brother, Alchan Andini, as they claim each of those victories. Supporting them, the full force and power of the Ivory Shadows, helping lead the Andinna to freedom. Her husbands, their extended families, their community, a band of warriors brought together in the most terrible of times. A band of warriors who will stop at nothing to see freedom before their lifetimes are over.

But Shadra has joined the fray now. A thousand years before, a cunning noble woman knew how to cut to the heart of the Andinna and bring them to their knees. Her generals and admirals are floundering. Her son and heir is dead. There are traitors and spies in her midst. But she is Empress Shadra of the Elvasi Empire and she has defeated the warrior Andinna people before. She is resolved to do it again.

Pride comes before the fall.

And when one can fly, that fall can be a very long way down.