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PREORDER: Destiny (Kaliya Sahni Book 6)

Well, well.

Here we are.

The final Kaliya Sahni book.

To think, I wrote the first book in late 2019 and now, only two years later, I’m writing the last book. We’ve come to it, the first “final book” of the Tribunal Archives. There will be several of these over the next… decade or so. Kaliya just happens to be the first. I write series with endings. It’s what I do. Things begin, they have a middle, then they end. Stories have beginnings, they take us on a journey, and then the journey is over. Sometimes, it takes a long time to get through that journey.

Sometimes, it feels like it came too fast.

Right now, I feel like Kaliya’s final book came too fast. Emotionally, not story-wise. There won’t be any surprise books to tack on. This is the end, as I’ve intended since the beginning. I wrote my beginning, middle, and end. I hope, even though this is the end, you find new beginnings in my work (for I cannot continue to be an author if you don’t and then we all lose).

Moving on from the sentimentality, you’re here for one thing:

DESTINY (Kaliya Sahni Book 6)


This fight has always been my destiny.

In a previous life, I had run from it, and that choice was the death of me. That mistake went down in history, becoming a story that haunted my people for centuries.

I won’t run this time. I’ve regrouped, collected my allies, and sheltered my people. Now, I go hunting. I can’t rest until my people are safe. I can’t stop until the ones we lost are avenged.

Standing beside me, always, is Raphael, Warlord of the Cambions. I need his support now more than ever because the weight on my shoulders is heavier than I have ever been forced to carry.

I am Kaliya Sahni, the Demon Serpent and Queen of the Nagas.
It is time for this story to end, one way or another.


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Jo l
Jo l
2 years ago

Looking forward to the ending you’ve got planned