Preorder: BITTER DISCORD (Jacky Leon 8)

Here we are! With Bitter Discord, Jacky Leon will officially be the longest series I’ve ever written (and will probably ever write. I just have no idea how I could get a series over 15 books unless it’s a monster of the week type of series. Certainly something I could do, but I would still need to plot some sort of over arching story with an ending somewhere. But honestly? 15 books is fucking long and I think it’s my tap out point.)

Back on topic: Jacky Leon book 8, BITTER DISCORD, is up for preorder. It’s been up since Rogue Alpha released, but this my official blog for those who haven’t seen it on Amazon.


I try not to look for trouble, though it always finds me.

Now I’m asking for it.

I’m going to host a gathering of werecats to discuss the recent changes in our small world, changes I brought about for the most part. I told Hasan I would handle this and I am going to, even if he doesn’t believe in me.

For this to work, I need to be vigilant. The humans are watching my every move, my werewolves are vulnerable, and the werecats are a wildcard.

Three factions, one city, and years of animosity and treachery between them.

And then there’s me: Jacky Leon, or Jacqueline, daughter of Hasan. Werecat representative to humanity, my father’s representative in the Americas, and fiancé to a rogue Alpha werewolf.

Book Cover of Bitter Discord, Jacky Leon Book Eight
That is new typography. I might punch up the brightness of it. You know, those small edits as time passes and I look at it longer.

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Ashley-Marie Mead
Ashley-Marie Mead
2 years ago

I’m so excited for this! It comes out my birth month, so it’ll be like a little birthday present!

2 years ago

So excited!! Also, did I miss the end of December newsletter? I was looking forward to seeing it yesterday!

2 years ago
Reply to  K.N. Banet

No worries!! You already pump out so much content! Very thankful! Happy New Years!