Patreon Official Launch! February 2022

We’ll we’re here, February 1st!

Today, my short story/novella Patreon starts getting content.

If you didn’t see the announcement in early January (here), I made a Patreon and you can find out more here:

With February here, I figured I would do a monthly blog post to say “hey, this is on Patreon now” and tell you what the short story or novella is in case you want to join and check it out. That way, you can see it’s being updated, Patreon is getting content, and hopefully build good faith with those who might be on the fence.

February 2022

It’s launch month, so it’s a bit different. Patrons are getting older short stories and a new one.

  • Hisao and Kaliya
  • Back to Work (Kaliya)
  • Mozambique (Jacky)

The Kaliya Shorts are available right now. The last one, Mozambique, will be available on the 15th!
Aside from that, depending on the tier, there’s a bunch of benefits going out. Some of these are already posted for the month of February, getting votes or submissions.

  • Ask the Author, a Patreon-only monthly Q&A
  • Featured Character Vote (Certain tiers can vote on the featured character of a future short every month)
  • A look at my ideas for what type of short each character I put on the poll might get
  • Behind the Story, which is my breakdown about why I wanted to write a certain short. There’s a lot of reasons I get attached to ideas.
  • Sexy versions if the short allows for a sexy part. (Sexy means a sex scene. 18+ content)

Patrons will have the short stories and novellas exclusively for one year. There’s more about the exclusivity period on the Patreon page, but I hope it’s a reasonable way to write the content and give it to the world at the same time.

This won’t be the last time you hear about the Patreon. I don’t want to leave it in obscurity for people to find at random (that defeats the purpose of the Patreon and how it’s supposed to help me hire someone to manage a website for readers). If you want, if you don’t like the Patreon model, you can just ignore the blog post with the content update.

So… March 1st, I’ll post March’s content blog.

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2 years ago

Great! Just joined the Patreon! Is the banner a hint of things to come?

2 years ago

I have a question about how the different patreon levels work. I’m currently signed up for the first (lowest level) but say next month I give in and decide that i really do want to read more about what inspired a short story and decide to switch to a higher level will I only gain access to the higher level posts starting that month or would I be able to access the higher level posts from the previous month as well? Basically, do i need to rush and make a decision?