New website!

Hey everyone!

This is a general PSA. The website is being/has been rebuilt from the ground up. In fact, you are now seeing the new website!

If there’s a security issue, you do not need to let me know. The move takes some time and then I put in the new SSL. It will be okay. We’ll get there. Kristenbanet . com is a temporary domain that has security so you shouldn’t get an error. It will always work because when I put the right domain, kristenbanet will just redirect to the new one. The site will go back to knbanetauthor . com though, so don’t worry.

Until then, the new website isn’t so different from the older one. This was a basic rebuild with a new host and it is a MAJOR move. New host, new back end. All of it. (my old website was hosted by Wix-booooooo- and now that we’re with a WordPress host. Let’s be happy.)

I hope you all enjoy the new site. I’m really excited about it. The possibilities are endless. Expect visuals to be ever shifting as I play with the design.

Here’s some general information about the new site:
Comments automatically close on a blog after 14 days. I won’t be replying to comments on Facebook. If you want to chat with me, comment on the blog when you see it pop up.

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