My first anthology!

I’ve joined my first anthology and it’s up for preorder right now! This is a copy-paste message about the whole thing, so if you’ve seen this other places from me, that’s why!

Call of Magic: A Limited Edition Collection of Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, and Paranormal Romances. I am in this anthology! In fact, you’ll find a story about Zuri, daughter of Hasan! Below has more information!

For full transparency for this anthology, we’re trying to make the USA Today Bestselling list. Every single preorder counts! It won’t be in Kindle Unlimited at release. However, you can get it for an amazing price!

Only $0.99 USD!

It’s also my first anthology and I would just love to see your support! Anthologies allow me to delve into the smaller stories of this world and bring you even more of these wonderful characters I have so much fun writing.


When power beckons, anyone can answer. Let the call of magic charm you! Curses and hexes haunt the worlds of the witches, werewolves, dragons, vampires and the hunters who stalk them in the night. Fall under the spell of more than 30 stories fantasy, urban fantasy, and paranormal romance by New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling authors.


ANCIENT AND IMMORTAL, A Tribunal Archives Story.

She was once an queen.He will always be a bandit.Their startling connection will change their lives forever.

Zuri just wanted to get away. She wanted to go to her favorite territory and forget about the drama of her family. She wanted to visit her mother and just… forget. Instead, she’ll find an Immortal in her territory. An unkillable human that nullifies magics around him and is completely immune to spells, Kushim is a complication Zuri is resolved to deal with on her own. Especially when he finds out her secret, a secret she even keeps from her own father. Too bad, he’s a complication that involves her once again taking up the role of a ruling werecat, something she was hoping to escape for a short time. And the sparks between her and this scarred Immortal… Zuri has never been drawn to such a man before and he couldn’t have come into her life at a worst time.