March 2022 Patreon Content Update!

Monthly Patreon Update! I mentioned in a blog a few days ago that there’s been come changes to the Patreon schedule. It’s due to my health issues and just the cosmically bad timing of everything. Let’s get into the update.

February Featured Character Vote: Patrons voted for a Niko short! It will be available in April 2022!

March 2022 Content:

Starting To
A short about Heath’s first visit to Richard’s grave, set after the events of Rogue Alpha.
It will be available on March 17th.

Where’s A Visit Home that I planned to release on Patreon in March? It’s been pushed to April. I don’t feel like rehashing and explaining all the health things that have happened in the last 60-ish days. Let’s hope it doesn’t get pushed to May. (I’m just waiting on my surgery date before I make any decisions about it. I will have no use of my left arm for at least 2 weeks after it. Clearly, that can get in the way.)

The Featured Character Vote this month has 10 options. You might find them pretty interesting.

To answer any potential questions:
You have to be a $5 tier (Decision Maker) or higher to vote.
At the $10 tier (Goodie Hunter) or higher, you can see the full list of ideas for shorts and novellas I have.
Custom pledges don’t get benefits (the system treats all custom pledges the same way, whether it be $1 or $100).

Those who have joined my Patreon have already helped us reach the first goal! I am able to hire a good friend, Kit, to be my website manager and Patreon assistant. You won’t see her on Facebook or other social media. Maybe I can convince her to do funny blog posts here (hahahaha). I am so thankful and grateful to those who felt I was worth the extra support and who have helped me bring her onto my team. I’m also eternally grateful that they’ve been so forgiving about the scheduling changes thanks everything that popped up right after I announced Patreon.

That’s really everything I can think of for this update.

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