If you read the title, you pretty much know exactly what this is about.

For the month of December, my Etsy store is open. Supply is incredibly limited. Once something is sold out, that’s it. People from my newsletter and (very smart) people who follow the Etsy store had 24 hours head start before I made this announcement. Some items are already sold out (I only had 2 sets of Age of the Andinna 1-3 for example) and there are no copies of The Redemption Saga offered this year (I just don’t have any right now. I will next time. Possibly… next October? But it’s been 13 months since my last sale, so who knows. It might be in 2023.)

In the future, it should be noted, I’ll probably never have more than 5-10 copies of any individual book. Anything marked with FINAL SALE means they’ll never be offered in the Etsy store again. (Mostly because I’ve been trying for 2 years to get rid of the copies I have)

So if you’re looking for: Jacky Leon, Everly Abbott, hardbacks, and a couple of other things, feel free to go over there, grab what you can… because who knows when it’ll come back.

Oh, last note, my husband is in charge of the Etsy store. If you reach out, you’ll be talking to him. If anything goes wrong, you’ll be talking to him. My participation in this is him coming up to me and saying: “Here’s a stack of books, wife. Sign them to this person. Thank you. They’ll go out today or tomorrow.” So everyone shower my husband in love or this wouldn’t be possible at all!