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Let’s Skip to the Good Part…Maybe!

I wish….Alas we have some housekeeping.

Where to start. I’m Erika. I will be your host for this blog and many future blogs.

First things first.


Here’s what’s in store for December

Behind the Story: Because I’m Your Father
Interview with Subira and Aisha

If you join now, you can ask questions and they will answer them later this month when the Subira short story arrives.

It’s been a hot minute since we’ve had an update on here. So….here is what you’ve missed if you aren’t subscribed (no, I’m not giving you the content):


Because I’m Your Father (Aisha and Wekesha short)
An exclusive blog on Mentoring


Old Wounds (Zuri Short)
Interview with Zuri
In Ask the Author, Kristen talked more in-depth about the tribunal series and her fur babies


Long Distance Friends (Carey and Makalo short)
Interview with Carey Everson
In Ask the Author, Kristen kept it short, but answered more personal questions like traveling, job before being a writer, and favorite comfort food.


Nothing Lasts Forever (Kaliya short)
Behind the story: Nothing Lasts Forever
The Day He Died (Isaiah short)
Behind the story: The Day He Died
Interview with Kaliya Sahni and Isaiah
In Ask the Author Kristen answered questions about mistakes as a new author, How she keeps track of everything in her books, How immortal characters maintain sanity, and more.


Parents (Niko Short)
Behind the story: Parents
Interview with Niko
In Ask the Author, Kristen answered questions about Characters building, tropes she won’t write, characters after the series, why her pen name, and more.

Oh, and somewhere in all of this K has decided to add sneak peeks at upcoming books. I think October is when she added that little nugget in. So, get on to joining if you want to see some Jacky Leon early.

Second things second.

Tainted Blood is available now! I may be biased, but I loved it. Once it started, it never stopped. I’ve read it twice already.

Where would you like it sir?

Burn it like all of her other unsolicited nudes

Tainted Blood


New Jacky is up for pre-order!

Secrets and Ruin, Jacky Leon Book 9

OK, so we know this book is going to involve Dirk and Niko. And. . . .I. AM. READY. Daddy Niko is coming to an reader near you in January 2023.

Last things last

What type of blog would this be if I didn’t talk about our author and her sadistic need to torture our poor cinnamon roll characters…..okaaaaay so not all of them are cinnamon rolls, but I digress.

Our mistress is cruel to our beloveds, but being the masochists that we are, we love her for it.


Always remember, there is a happy ending…eventually.

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1 year ago

Erika you’re killing me! I need to reread that Niko short so I can get my board ready for all the plot points I think will be happening.

1 year ago

So excited for this. Niko and Dirk are my favorites!