June: Cats, Books, and More

Hey everyone. It’s time for another late blog. I should start trying to write these more weekly or something, with more personal things. Things like…


So, my husband and I always had this “plan”. We wanted 2 dogs and 2 cats. In May, we had 2 dogs and 1 cat. Sif (male bordercollie, 6 years old), Carbon (female cardigan welsh corgi, just under 1), and Io ( female grey-brown tabby, 6 years old).

Nick and I, with the new house, decided it was finally time to find the last member of the family… We found 2. A local shelter had a bonded pair and one… one was pretty “unadoptable” (a lot of people won’t adopt animals with potential special needs and that means they stay in shelters longer, if they ever get adopted at all). Nick and I couldn’t leave them, sooo let me introduce you to the two newest members of my family- Hades and Kore!

Hades is the black one. He’s just over a year old. Kore is the Siamese mix with lilac points and she’s about 8 months old. She’s the “unadoptable” one. Cross eyed with nystagmus (constant eye movement), she paces and loses coordination. She can’t walk in a straight line most of the time (we’ve taken to calling her our little drunk). She was so scared when we met her, that Nick and I were concerned she would never find anyone to love her if we took Hades by himself (which the shelter was ready to allow).

She started cuddling with us within an hour when we got home. Hades also loves to cuddle and jump on us and play. As it stands, I think we found the right two cats for our home to join our family. Even if we have bumps in the road, these two aren’t going anywhere.

So now my family has 2 dogs, and 3 cats. Nick and I don’t want human children, so… furry babies it is. We’re not planning on getting any more for at least 5 or 6 years, though. This is enough!

Topic 2- Books.

I wish this topic was easier to talk about, but, it’s not. I’ve been behind. I’ve been falling further behind every week, every month.

Current release plan-

July- Kaliya Sahni 2 August- Jacky Leon Vol 1 (Books 1-3 bundle)

September- Jacky Leon 4

October- Nothing

November- Age of the Andinna 6?

December- Kaliya Sahni 3?

See, I wanted to come out with 9 new books this year, 3 in each series. It might not happen. I try not to go more than a month without a release, but it might happen. If it does, I’ll let you know what the new release waits will be. Why? Well, here’s where the blog gets really personal.

I’ve been dealing with depression. See, I’m the type of personal who holds myself to really high standards. I don’t want to let anyone down, readers, editors, friends, and myself. I wanted to publish a lot of books this year and write at my normal pace and juggle everything.

I would go into more, but there’s just a lot. Just know, I’m writing, and I’m also trying to make sure I have time to take of myself. Books could get moved around more. I’m not a machine, no matter how much I try to be. Books not only take actual time to write, but the right headspace to write them and the energy levels to sustain the output. Neither of those things have come easily recently.

I’ll have another post in July for you, hopefully with better news (or maybe just pictures of pets, who knows?)