Jacky Leon’s (and my) favorite cookie recipe.

First, I can’t take credit for the creation of this cookie recipe. I found it about 8 years ago online and have just repeated it in different ways over the years. Here’s the link to the original and I’ll tell you want insanity I’ve tried with it.

So, the interesting part of this recipe is that it uses a cake mix. I’ve found any American powder cake mix works so far (as long as there is 15-18 oz of powder). I’ve done strawberry, red velvet, yellow cake, and one of those ridiculous blue cakes you can make for kids that probably tastes like vanilla. We’re(Nick and I) planning on testing chocolate one day as well and whatever other cake mix we can get out hands on.

It makes super soft fluffy cookies. It’s a 10 minute prep, 10 minute cook, and 3-5 minute cool down. So 25 minute cookies. (Which is why both Jacky and I love them so much) I don’t normally do chocolate chips, but I have put icing on them once and that was a good decision.

So go forth and make cookies like Jacky, me and whoever else has found this recipe. It might not be your taste and that’s okay! I just find it an easy introduction into baking and it’s great for saving time if you want a cookie.