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I was trying to think of a blog for the week. One thing I’ve wanted to do is just share more of my life and interests with everyone who reads my books. You might see some of interests creep into series. You’ve certainly seen a couple of my characters interested in video games. Jacky plays them occasionally when she has time (which she has very little of now), while Everly is very much a PC Gamer. Carey played with her brothers when she was younger, but she’s steadily grown out of it, looking for more of her own interests now. It’s not the first time my interests have gotten into books. Heath loves table top role playing games (TTRPGs) for much of the same reasons I do.

So, I think I’ll tell you my favorite video game franchises, because franchises are easier to list than specific games.

In no particular order, let’s begin! My top four franchises in video gaming! There might be more I love, but the franchise might only have one or two games, or perhaps I can think of 10 games in a single genre, but this isn’t a genre post. It’s my favorite franchises.


Let’s go to one of the most classic fantasy franchises of all time. The beautiful JRPG. I’m too lazy to use the roman numerals for their titles, so I’ll be using just the numbers.
To start, let me say one thing. Every Final Fantasy game is a different world and story. Some will have sequels, but they retain the number of their original game for the most part. Example: Final Fantasy 10 has a sequel called Final Fantasy 10-2. FF11 is not the sequel to 10. In fact, FF11 was the first MMO of the franchise.
I started with watching my older brother play FF7 and FF8. FF9 is one of my favorites. I liked 10, and skipped 11. I jumped back in for FF13. I did not play the sequels for FF13. I ADORE FF14: A Realm Reborn and all it’s expansions. It’s the only MMO I play, and I don’t play it that often. I’m not getting on for daily or weekly quests. I jump on, enjoy the story, do those daily and weekly things for maybe a month, then I stop playing for a very long time.
I also loved FF16, but I had to warm up to the new combat systems they’ve been trying. Turn based is never coming back, and I’m okay with that. Final Fantasy has always had some level of spectacle, some level of insanity, and turn based doesn’t seem to serve that anymore. You kill gods in every game. It’s a thing you do. I’m excited about where the franchise goes next and how they’ll continue to bring us great stories of overcoming insurmountable odds.


Including Andromeda. #fightme
Truly, the only thing I’ve ever been really disappointed with in this series was the lack of support for Andromeda.
The ends of Mass Effect 3 were a hot button topic for a long time, but I didn’t care about the endings. What I love was all the stories I got to experience before I was there. The endings didn’t really ruin the entire franchise to me because they couldn’t take away my favorite stories from me before I reached that point. By the time I reached the end, I was fulfilled in immeasurable ways, and the ending just needed to happen. When it came out, I did play the entire trilogy on PC in that collection they put out. I played all 3 games in just under 100 hours in 1 week, and it wasn’t my first time going through the trilogy. It still grabbed me and was like “let’s relive this adventure” and I was lost in that world once again.
And I will play the new game when it comes out. Without a doubt, I won’t miss another addition to this franchise.
It’s the only true sci-fi franchise that I consider myself a real fan of in any creative space from games, movies, or shows. (Sorry Star Wars and Star Trek)

DARK SOULS & CO (FromSoftware Simp Time)

Okay, so not an entire franchise, but the best way to bundle these games. If you put a FromSoftware Souls game or Souls-like in front of me, I will play it. Are they fucking hard? Yes. Is that the point of them? Yes. Oh well. There’s something supremely satisfying about facing just BRUTAL challenges and bosses, working on your reaction speed, learning their move sets, throwing you head against it over and over and over again.
And then you beat the boss.
There’s something to chasing the high of proving you are good enough to make it through. You can get to the next challenge. You lost valuable time and resources along the way, but now, you have overcome it and can build back up.
Then some mob will come out from behind a corner, stab you in the back, as a boulder rolls down a staircase and murders you.
Welcome to Dark Souls.
I haven’t had a chance to play the DLC, but I love Elden Ring, too. I still need to play Bloodborne (curse you console exclusives that came out when I didn’t have the console), and some others, but I love this company and what they make. There’s a vision and they stick to it.


You will take this franchise from my cold dead hands.
In 2 years, I will have been playing it for 30 years. I started with Pokémon Yellow on release at the age of 6.
You will never take it away from me. I don’t care if it’s made for children. I love that it’s still just Pokémon. Is it without faults? No, but I don’t really care about those faults. I’ll be busy shiny hunting in Scarlett and Violet and admiring my complete set of Gen 1 pixelated enamel pins. Peace.

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26 days ago

It’s been a while since I’ve played any video games but I was big fan of Dragon Quest/Dragon Quest Heroes.

Also I would never shame someone for loving Pokémon – it’s such a classic😁