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General Questions

Check the release schedule.

If it's not there, then it's not there.

Check the series page. It'll be there if there's an answer.

I'm working on getting them all finished, but it is taking some time.
Amazon will mark every series complete, no matter if it is or not. What they're trying to say is they've made a 'complete' list of the available books, therefore they have the complete set of the series as it stands at any given time. This could just be the first book or the series or 5 books or whatever, but that's what they decided for the terminology, so we just have to live with it.
Because I'm in Kindle Unlimited which requires (most) authors to be exclusive. I am required to be exclusive.
If you find and download my book online through any other site, it's piracy and therefore you are breaking the law.
Please don't. I have 5 pets to feed.
Well, normal paperbacks are available on Amazon. Just change the format on Amazon to paperback and it will be right there. (For some reason, not available in all countries. Go bother Amazon until they fix it).
Normal hardbacks should be available on Amazon too.
Signed paperbacks are only available in person or through giveaways, signings, or the occasional sale. Signed hardbacks are the same.

I don't take requests.

However, you can head over to my Patreon to see if any of my current ideas are to your fancy. Patrons get to vote on the next character I write for a short or POV.


Jacky Leon, Kaliya Sahni, and Everly Abbott are being worked on as fast as myself. a team member, and my narrators can.


I am an indie author and therefore, preorders for audiobooks is not worth the time and energy to get. They will be shared through social media once they are live.
Audiobooks don't enter production until the book has completed my entire editing process for the ebook and paperback. This is sometimes a month from a release, sometimes only a week (shit happens). We normally can't get started immediately (narrators have lives and other work that isn't just narrating for me, and my girl, Erika, listens to all of them for quality and consistency, but she's busy being a lawyer). Narration can take weeks to months. We submit it and it can take time for the approval process to come through. I've seen it go through in 3 days and in a month.
Then it goes live on a random day. We'll let you know when we see it.


Remember- Audiobooks of a series don't get produced if they don't sell.


The Redemption Saga will not be finished.
None of my other series are getting audiobooks or have audiobooks at this time.

More Official Questions

Well, it's a genre thing.
K.N. Banet: It's not reverse harem.
Kristen Banet: It is reverse harem.
Currently, I am on an indefinite hiatus from this pen name and RH.
Reader: Sign up for the newsletter because that is the only place you might see an ARC sign up.
Blog/Booktube/Bookstagram/Booktok reviewers: Yes! If you reach out, Andi has got you covered. We would love to add you to the release ARC list!

Certainly! You can find my email on the About Page!

Yeah, I'll do them. Send me an email, explain what the interview is for and I'll get back to you! If you need any graphics for my books, all of that can also be handled. I promise, I'll answer the interview questions, not Andi (my PA). She just helps me stay on top of all the moving pieces.
No, you can't visit. Don't even joke about it. It feels weird and I don't like feeling weird.
I have a husband. You can call him Nick.
And then there's the zoo:
Sif, the border collie. He's the goodest boy that loves fetch and will nicely give you his toy for you to throw. All the time. It never stops.
Carbon, the cardigan welsh corgi. She's not the goodest girl 99% of the time, but if you catch her while she's sleepy, she'll cuddle with you.
Io, the tabby cat. Older, cranky, hates everyone and everything and really wants you to leave her alone. But also doesn't want to sit alone and will come sit in the same room as you. We love her for that.
Hades, the black cat. Chaos incarnate.
Kore, the siamese mix thing. She's crossed eyed and strange, but we love her any ways.

Questions about some different series


Eventually, on my Patreon. There's possible novellas I will write about the Age of the Andinna.

2 are prequels.

1 is after the series.

The prequels must be done before I will write what comes next.

We don't talk about that mission.

It was fun while it lasted.
Aw, my first series and it's follow-up. I hope I've gotten better since I've written it.
Witch of the Wild West was unpublished in early January of 2021.
The series is offficially cancelled and been pulled from the website as well.
Personal- In the most basic of terms, some of my early readers thought book two was trash. And they let me know. They hated the entire vision I had for it (and they left my team right after, leaving me fucking reeling). It completely killed my confidence in the little experimental fun series I was trying just to have a laugh of a series.
Professional- Shortly after that, book 2 released and all the sales were abysmal. They are two of my worst selling books since I started publishing. Very fews of my readers from my other series wanted to try them. If you want to know why it's important to support your favorite authors early in a series, this is why.
It is my only series to be cancelled and I hope to never have another.