Fan Art Spotlight: Cassberrie

Look, I’ll say it right now. Illona Andrews did a blog post pointing out an amazing artist who did fan art of her characters.

I’m going to do the same because… Well, the artist deserves some damn recognition!

Before we go any further, you need to go follow her on Instagram. I’m serious. Do it.


Now, onto the AMAZING Age of the Andinna fan art she’s done over the last several months. Honestly, she posted on here on RELEASE DAY, and I was just… blown away. But we’ll go in order.

It all started last June with the wonderfully sexy Trevan.


Now, only her first go at Mave! She’s a smart artist who took liberties with some colors because it looks better. (I’m feeling the red tint to Mave’s hair big time)

And now, to one of the best birthday gifts I’ve ever gotten… She drew Luykas for my 30th birthday!

His tanner skin tone, his while tatua and horns. Those gold eyes in the black?

*chef’s kiss*

And today, she blew away pretty much everyone who saw this next one. She surprised me, hell she surprised everyone.


That’s all. Cassberrie, I am ever so honored by your love for these characters. I’m glad they brought you inspiration and helped you create beautiful art. Thank you so much for taking the time to bring these three to life.