“Do you ever sleep?”- The Answer

I’m asked a lot. I see it asked of other authors a lot too.

Answer: Yeah, I do. I went so far and bought a really nice bed for it and everything. A lot of people see me awake all night and assume I don’t sleep, so I guess this me explaining my sleep pattern (or lack there of).

Part of this is definitely rooted in my ADHD, part of this is coping mechanisms, and some of it just a really screwed sleep schedule.

I flip back and forth from days to night REALLY often. It’s really annoying, but also, it’s just me and doesn’t *severely* impact my life right now, so I don’t do much to fix it. My husband has a really consistent sleep schedule. He handles a lot of day to day life, while I just follow the creative whims. Sometimes, I find writing at night so much easier than writing when the sun is up and everything is happening. Sometimes, I write better when my husband is keeping me on schedule all day.

It really depends.

And don’t get me started on how much a video game might throw off my schedule, so deeply absorbed that I can play for 16 hours, sleep, then play more. Final Fantasy 14 (A Realm Reborn and all of it’s expansions), any sort of indie release I can get my hands on (I love me some indie games), management games like Planet Zoo, or even some slice of life like Stardew Valley. I love a good video game to wind down from the day. I might make blog posts about this in the future. What game I’m playing while I kill time. Because… why not? I need more blog post ideas. I’m not all that creative about sharing things from my own life. Right now, I’m killing time on my breaks with Luck Be A Landlord. It’s pretty chill.

In conclusion(after getting wildly off topic to talk about video games): Yes, I definitely sleep. The question is when and what sort of schedule I’m on this week. Who knows? Currently, I’m on nights as I finish of Reborn (Kaliya Sahni 4), but next week, I might switch back over to the daylight hours. We’ll just have to see!

So there ya go. Sleeping as an author: Banet Edition. Millage may vary.