Catching Up

I mean, this is pretty much a small update blog. I bribed you here with a picture of my puppy in her hoodie. Further in the blog is the full picture.

I spent most of April chipping away at Bitter Discord. It’s so close to done right now, but will bleed a little into May (like 2-3 days). I’ve never been this behind before. A couple of weeks, maybe a month, but nothing I couldn’t reasonably catch up with. Now, I’m going to be catching up all the way through July. That’s how behind I am.

There wasn’t even much I could do to stop this from happening either. What has been hard is trying to little by little rebuild my writing endurance and get something done. It’s been hard managing the recovery pain and the work without screwing up the recovery. Add to that, the longer I try to write a book, the harder it gets to write. I get bored and tired of it. I am very excited to move on to other projects.

On top of that, late April had a short visit from some of my friends (seriously, they were only here for 2 days. They drove 12 hours to get here to hang out for two days only to drive 12 hours back to where they needed to be for a wedding). It had been in the plans for months and months. That was a distraction, but I think one that I really needed. I feel really good right now.

So let’s hope I catch up in May and my follow up at the end of the month goes well. (Yes, more follow up’s post-surgery).

Depending on how long the editors need, Bitter Discord might need to have a shifted release date. If it happens, I’ll let y’all know. This stuff happens sometimes, though I’ve never had to do it before so that’s… I really don’t want to. I’ll do what I can not to have that happen, but it’s on the table right now.

I’ll be back to my temporary hiatus from the public. Oh, and if you see blogs that are password protected, that is because Patreon members have the passwords to those blogs to read them. They’re exclusive.

Have a picture of Carbon, my (female) cardigan welsh corgi in her cute little hoodie.

So picturesque.
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15 days ago

Love your Corgi! Yes, I am anxiously awaiting all the promised goodies, but, I know perfection should never be rushed. You come first! Then, of course, Carbon! This is my Caeli Grace. She wears this jersey to protect the Holter monitor she periodically wears to track the efficacy of the medication controlling her heart condition. She’s 3 and a half.

IMG_0937 (2).jpg
15 days ago

Where did you get the sweater for Carbon?

5 days ago

Yes recovery really sucks and there’s not a lot you can do about it. Rough playing catch up too, but good to hear you’re feeling good after your visitors. Your dog is super cute too or I wouldn’t have read the blog. (Just kidding) I know a while back you were disappointed with the response you got from the Everly book, and I have to admit I’m one of those jerks who will sit back and wait for several books in a series to come out before I start them. What can I say? I’m a speed reader and hate waiting for next books and I only do that with authors when I’m pretty sure I’m going to love the book. But I did start it simply because you were so disappointed. As I expected I fell in love with Everly and now sadly I have to wait. Too bad there isn’t an invention that will put on paper your thoughts as they pop into your head! Am I right? Anyway take care of your recovery and your super cute dog. I remain your devoted reader.