After NEARLY A YEAR, the Call of Magic Anthology has released!

Call of Magic is an amazing anthology I’ve been able to be a part of with over forty other authors. Fantasy, urban fantasy, and paranormal romance, if you want it, Call of Magic has it.

What’s my story in Call of Magic?


Ancient and Immortal by K.N. Banet

Look, if you love Zuri from the Jacky Leon series, you don’t want to miss this! Yes, it is a little steamy. There’s a sex scene. It is a novella, so it’s about a third of the length of a standard Jacky Leon novel. It’s Zuri, it’s the mysterious Kushim, it’s an adventure in a part of the world Jacky never goes to, a peek into a life we know so little about.

And? It’s only $0.99! Even if you’re just getting the anthology for my story, there will never be a better price.

If you’re waiting on me to publish a solo edition? You could be waiting a very long time. I currently don’t know if I will give it a solo release(and it will be more expensive, probably $2.99) or wait until I have several novellas to bundle together (which could take years to get put together). Get it now or you will miss it for a long time.

Here’s a link to the anthology. Please go check it out, purchase a copy, and read Ancient and Immortal. I have waited so long to publish my first novella standalone. Plus, you are supporting my first ever chance to try hitting the USA Today Bestseller list if you get this anthology right now. Fun publishing information: Did you know that by being in Kindle Unlimited, none of my books can hit that list? It’s because they’re exclusive to Amazon. This is the first book I’ve ever published ‘wide’ on multiple platforms, so it’s the first chance I’ve ever had to do it.

Call of Magic Anthology

(There will not be an audio edition of Ancient and Immortal until it’s released separately from the anthology)

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2 years ago

Read Zuri’s loved getting a little extra story. Looking forward to her brothers book.

Maribeth Ryan
Maribeth Ryan
2 years ago

Couldn’t sleep so downloaded Call of Magic. Of course I immediately went to your story. It was a good as I expected! Can’t wait to try the other authors.