Busy Bees

So, I live in Arizona near Phoenix and therefore, the winters are really warm. We’re averaging highs in the 60’s and 70’s, and lows in the 40’s.

That means, none of my plants ever really went dormant. In fact, one of my trees in my backyard decided to bloom in the middle of winter. And with that bloom, it brought the BEES.

Now, I’ve known we have some very active little bees in Arizona. It’s fine, really. I don’t like bees (I don’t want to be stung), but I don’t do anything to get rid of them either. They’re good for everything and everyone. Getting rid of bees is a bad idea.

But this tree has had SWARMS of bees. So many bees. When Nick and I go out into the backyard, we can hear them buzzing around this tree, excitedly going after this winter bounty my tree has decided to give them. They haven’t built a nest or anything in our yard or attached to our home, so I’m just assuming they’re enjoying an easy meal.

And it really reminds me of me. Well, me and everyone on my “team”. We’re always working, going through every step over and over to continue to bring my books to release. It’s a whole process, everyone. And like the bees, sometimes we’re not around and you don’t see us, but we’re still working. Sometimes (like recently), it’s just news all the time and you can see us all buzzing around. I’m always writing something, always have books going through edits, always have a release on the horizon. It’s an endless cycle.

Just like the bees.

Oh and I got a new microwave. The one we had decided to die in January and it took some time to get up and replace it. I found one I really like, though and it’s finally here. Because the endless work isn’t just for the books. Nick and I need to keep the house standing too. We’re in the middle of remodeling my office (new door, new floors, built in shelving). I’ll show off pictures once it’s complete. It won’t interfere with writing other than 1-2 days for the floor. No worries.