Bounty (Kaliya Sahni Book 1) [Excerpt]

Hey everyone!

I have a excerpt from BOUNTY for you! First, let’s talk about some stuff.

If you’re looking for a complete reverse harem series to read, you can find several here.

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Other than that… I finished the first draft of AGE OF THE ANDINNA BOOK 5!! I can’t tell you much more about it, but that’s something. It’s coming out June, 2020! In a couple of days, I start writing Kaliya Sahni Book 2! But you don’t know Kaliya yet… Here’s that excerpt.

Did you know that Kaliya and Jacky are in the same world? 😀


I groaned as Cassius stopped in front of probably my least favorite place in Phoenix. He didn’t say anything as he cut the engine, twisting to look at Raphael in the back seat.

“This place is run by fae. They come from all over the world. They will do magic on you, so if you have a problem with that, say so now.”

“Why will they do magic on me?” Raphael sounded concerned and confused. The concern, I understood. This was a terrible place.

“They have a large variety of premade garments, but those garments need to be spelled to fit you perfectly. Ask Kaliya how good they are. The pants she’s wearing were done by them.”

“Oh fuck,” I muttered. I turned and looked back at the massive man, somehow crammed into the backseat. “They’re fine. The magic is whatever, but they can be pushy about what looks good on you and shit. Don’t let them rope you into any crazy ass suits or anything. They’ll try. Get what you need to last a week and get out.”

“And the magic doesn’t…track me or anything?”

“No, it’s a one-and-done spell. It just ensures it always fits the intended wearer,” I explained. “You being the intended wearer. If you lend out a shirt you get from them, it’ll match your size at all times, not someone else’s. But they have to make a spell with you keyed into it.”

Cassius nodded, then gave me a look as Raphael got out of the car.

“He might want a suit, Kaliya.”

“I don’t want him in a suit,” I said, annoyed. Gods, he would look fucking amazing in one. My fangs pulsed painfully at the idea. “And I was right. The last time I was here, about six years ago, they were trying to get me into a sari. Me. A sari.”

“India is your native country, and I know for a fact you look stunning in one,” Cassius pointed out plainly as if he hadn’t just complimented me and said I was pretty in a dress.

“I don’t like them.”

“You don’t like anything,” he pointed out. “Ah, hold on.” He got out of the car and met the owner of the boutique at the door, nodding as he pointed at Raphael, standing just behind the owner. The owner nodded a lot, a smile growing. Her devious look toward me in the front seat of Cassius’ car scared me.

When Cassius sat back down, he smiled evilly.

“What did you do?” I demanded.

“Nothing. I’m allowed to spend my money as I please.”

“Oh, I fucking hate you,” I hissed across the car.

“I know.” He drummed his fingers on the steering wheel. “I asked them to get Raphael a suit. If he’s going to be in the supernatural world, he needs to be more presentable than…well, you.”

“I’m completely presentable,” I snapped. “I know how to dress myself.”

“And yet, all you own is leather pants and black tops,” he pointed out. “And let’s not talk about those steel toed, hideous combat boots you wear.”

“You used to fuck me,” I reminded him. “So, something must be working.”


“Wow.” I slumped in my seat.