The Redemption Saga Box Set

TRS Box Set


Release Date: June 7, 2019
The Redemption Saga Box Set by Kristen Banet

Sawyer ‘Shadow’ Matthews knows how to put one foot in front of the other, to keep moving while the nightmares haunt her, and her own failures taunt her. She’s become a master at doing awful things with good intentions, terrible things for the sake of those who need her. She’s long given up on being the hero, just trying to find peace in no longer being the villain.

But when the past catches up to her, she needs to pick up her black blades once more. She needs to band together with an unlikely ally, a special team from the The International Magi Police Organization. A team of men that drags her darkest secrets into the light and refuses to let her hide from them any longer.

Join Sawyer and her team as they fight against murderers, monsters, and their own pasts as they go on a journey to claim redemption. Only together, can they find the light at the end of the darkest chapter of their lives.

The Redemption Saga
Book One- A Life of Shadows
Book Two- A Heart of Shame
Book Three- A Nature of Conflict
Book Four- An Echo of Darkness
Book Five- A Night of Redemption

This box set includes a bonus short story.
-A Sawyer Halloween, a short story previously published in the Halloween Between the Sheets anthology. It’s set between A Nature of Conflict and An Echo of Darkness

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