The Rebel’s Vision

Age of the Andinna

Book Four

Release Date: February 13, 2020
The Rebel's Vision, Age of the Andinna Book 4 by Kristen Banet

One declaration was all it took. The Andinna Rebellion has begun. Knowing that the fight will be hard, Mave has taken back the title of Champion. King’s Champion. She’s resolved to stand tall beside King Alchan Andini and fight for him, and to fight for her people.

But it’s off to a troubling start. Not enough manpower and no way to get their remaining warriors out of hiding, the leaders of the rebellion have found themselves battling against their own inevitable failure. If they don’t find solutions to their many problems and fast, the Rebellion is doomed before it even begins. Mave is hamstrung by her own inexperience, Alchan is trying to keep the hope of his people alive and strong, and the Company is being pulled in every direction.

The first step of the Rebellion is taking back the Andinna port city of Kerit, but they can’t do it alone. Their homeland holds secrets, however even unexpected allies bring their own problems.

Plagued by doubts, Mave is going to have to search deep within herself to find the resolve she needs to win her coming battles. Both at home and against the Empire.

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