The Enemy’s Triumph

Age of the Andinna

Book Five

Release Date: June 17, 2020
The Enemy's Triumph, Age of the Andinna Book 5 by Kristen Banet

Everyone is someone’s enemy. The Elvasi and the Andinna are enemies. Alchan and Shadra stand against each other as rulers of opposing forces. Two races, locked in a deadly battle for control, each trying to out maneuver the other with their best strategies, their best warriors, and the all power at their disposal.

And Mave?
Mave faces her old nemesis. Prince Lothen of the Elvasi Empire.

His cruelty is renowned. The memories she has of him mark her skin in the form of permanent scars, forever telling the tale of her time in Elliar, like her tatua tell the tale of her freedom.

Old rage bubbles and boils over. Fury buried deep in her heart, Mave confronts him with a single-minded purpose. Mave has never let her anger get the best of her. Until now.

Someone’s enemy will always triumph on the battlefield. Mave can only hope it’s not her own.

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