Kaliya Sahni

Book Two

Release Date: July 15, 2020
Audio Edition: Available
Kaliya Sahni: Kaliya Sahni Book Two

I should have never looked into Raphael or the mysteries around him, mysteries I might never be able to solve. Stonewalled, I’ve gotten stuck when it comes to him. My roommate, my… mate. Not that he knows what he really is to me. The less he knows, the better.

But without being able to find him answers, I have to get back to my job. I’m at the back and call of the Tribunal and I’ve been lax with my duties.

It should have been a routine, but when someone makes enemies as dangerous as I do, nothing stays that way. As the world spirals out of control, I can’t help but think this has something to do with him, the mate I don’t want and the partner I’m forced to keep close.

With unanswered questions swirling around me, only one thing is certain.

I’m Kaliya Sahni, a Tribunal Executioner and the last nagini.

Someone wants me dead and I walked right into their trap.

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