Servant of the Blood

Everly Abbott

Book One

At 27 years old, Everly Abbott has spent her life around vampires.
They’ve been her second family from her earliest memories.
Survival will now force her to work against them.

Release Date: September 14, 2021
Audio Edition: Coming Soon
Servant of the Blood, Everly Abbott Book One by K.N. Banet

I grew up with them, the creatures of the night, the blood suckers, the monsters. I knew vampires before I could walk, not that I knew what they really were. Just that they weren’t really like me. I was human, just like my parents, and when I turned eighteen, I decided to work for the vampires after college, too. We had worked for their nest for over five generations and I wanted to continued that tradition.

But then, the master of the nest was murdered. He’d practically raised me, my mother, my father, and everyone before us. He had looked at humans working for the nest as part of the nest. We were part of the family, even though we weren’t immortal or drank blood. He kept tight control and accidents were so rare I had never seen one happen.

The new master of the nest is not so kind or good at the job.

We need help. I need help. The new master is letting the vampires get out of control. Bodies are starting to pile up and even the other staff is at risk.

I’m Everly Abbott and I need a solution to this before more people get killed..
But the solution might be more dangerous than the problem.

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