Jacky Leon Volume One by K.N. Banet
Jacky Leon Volume One
Jacky Leon Volumes One
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Release Date August 14, 2020
Audio Edition
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My name is Jacky Leon and all I’ve wanted for years is quiet life as the owner, and sole employee, of my small bar in my small town. I’m a werecat that wants nothing to do with the supernatural world and I certainly don’t go looking for trouble.

But trouble finds me. From one precocious human girl, a pack of werewolves, and more, my life is turned upside down. What unfolds will change my life forever. My options are limited. Continue hiding from the world I want no part in or meet adversity and forge a new path.

Only one thing is certain.

There’s no going back to the life I knew. Not anymore.

This collection includes Jacky Leon books 1, 2, and 3.
Oath Sworn (Jacky Leon 1)
Family and Honor (Jacky Leon 2)
Broken Loyalty (Jacky Leon 3)