Full Moon Magic

Tribunal Archives Standalone


Release Date: October 4, 2022
Audio Edition: Not Available

Spoilers For Rogue Alpha Ahead:

Teagan’s life has gone down many paths in the hundreds of years he’s been alive. Beta werewolf and member of the rogue Everson pack, he’s glad to be back with an Alpha he respects and trusts, a turn he’s pleased with. Just in time, too. He’s the legal guardian of two teenage werewolves and needs the help. After the witches tried to take over their last pack, he and the boys need as much support as they can get.

Olivia is barely a witch and she knows that. That’s why she became a teacher instead of anything more flashy or important. Her skills with herbs and flowers come from a passion for gardening, not her own power. In fact, she stopped doing magic as a teenager, a decade ago. The less attention she gets, the better, unless she needs to protect one of her students. Then she’ll remind everyone that even the most quiet of women can be powerful.

In a heated moment, the world will shift for both of them.

He’ll never trust a witch again.

She’s not a werewolf, but her heart doesn’t care.

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