Echoed Defiance, Jacky Leon Book 4 by K.N. Banet
Echoed Defiance
Jacky Leon Book Four
World Tribunal Archives
Release Date September 15, 2020
Audio Edition Available
Timeline Date June 8, 2020

My duty to my family is simple. Help maintain order and uphold the Law for my werecat father, Hasan, a member of the Tribunal.

But I’ve always had a defiant streak.

To do what’s right, I’m willing to throw the Law out the window and turn my back on everything I’ve been told. Everyone around me knows I’m willing to risk everything for what I believe in. All I can hope is that my beliefs and the Law don’t clash again.

Because I have another duty. A duty to blood. A duty to the bond between those who once shared a face and a life.

My name is Jacky Leon and my twin has found her way back into my life. My echo, strangely similar and yet different, Gwen is a piece of me that I tried to leave behind.

And it seems defiance runs in the family.