Kaliya Sahni

Book One

Release Date: March 13, 2020
Audio Edition: Available
Bounty: Kaliya Sahni Book One

They call me Executioner, but I’m much more than that.

They call me dangerous, irresponsible, and antagonistic, but they only know the half of it.

My reputation is larger than the desert I live in and I’ve spent decades cultivating it.

When a friend asks me to look into a supernatural bounty on a human, I find myself diving head first into a conspiracy that has been in the shadows for nearly a decade. I’m too curious to get out before it too late, a fatal character flaw that I should have been more careful about. But the truth beckons me and I can never resist a good mystery. Especially when the stakes are high.

There’s no turning back, no putting the lid back on the box.

I’m Kaliya Sahni, a Tribunal Executioner, bounty hunter, and the last nagini. In my world, the stakes are all or nothing.

And I don’t like to lose.

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