Book Cover of Bitter Discord, Jacky Leon Book Eight
Bitter Discord
Jacky Leon Book Eight
World Tribunal Archives
Release Date July 15, 2022
Audio Edition Coming Soon
Timeline Date November 1, 2022

I try not to look for trouble, though it always finds me.

Now I’m asking for it.

I’m going to host a gathering of werecats to discuss the recent changes in our small world, changes I brought about for the most part. I told Hasan I would handle this and I am going to, even if he doesn’t believe in me.

For this to work, I need to be vigilant. The humans are watching my every move, my werewolves are vulnerable, and the werecats are a wildcard.

Three factions, one city, and years of animosity and treachery between them.

And then there’s me: Jacky Leon, or Jacqueline, daughter of Hasan. Werecat representative to humanity, my father’s representative in the Americas, and fiancé to a rogue Alpha werewolf.