A, Echo of Darkness, Redemption Saga Book Four by Kristen Banet
An Echo of Darkness
The Redemption Saga Book Four
Release Date November 15, 2018
Audio Edition
Timeline Date

Sawyer Matthews is a retired and presumed-dead assassin. Ripped from her life of shadows and secrets, she’s decided to gamble it all and accept a new chapter in her life—one that may lead to a brighter future.

With the Amazon far behind them, Sawyer and her team have settled in for what should have been a relaxing time to themselves, in the privacy of their home. Their trust in each other has grown, and she’s finally accepted that they hold her secrets in confidence. As winter blows in over them, though, Sawyer finds herself confronted by darker thoughts. When she asks her guys for help, they jump at the opportunity to bond more deeply with her.

Unfortunately, their plans are quickly overshadowed by a dangerous conspiracy that could spell the end of not just Sawyer and her team, but the Magi community at large. Sawyer’s identity is exposed. Her life is at risk. Politicians are dead. The thrill of danger comes crashing down on the team once again. This time, though, the threat comes from a world Sawyer knows all too well. She’s the expert, and she intends on playing the game to the very best of her ability.

The person behind this has made a fatal mistake.
They didn’t kill her the first time.