Age of the Andinna Volume Two

Age of the Andinna Volumes

Volume Two

Release Date: April 2, 2022
Audio Edition: Not Available

Mave Lorren is a warrior.
She has only one goal.

Defeat the Elvasi Empire and free her people.

To do that, she will need her people. Her king, her lovers, her family, and her friends. Together, they’ll need to take the traumatized remains of their people and turn them into soldiers, warriors that dominate the sky.

Every single one of them has a part to play. They go into this battle knowing that they will not all see the end of it. They will be pushed to their breaking points and some will be lost. Some will find greater glory than they could have ever dreams.

And Mave, like all those around her, knows the painful truth of the battle they face.
They could lose.

This set includes books 4 through 7 of the Age of the Andinna series and completes the series.
The Rebel’s Vision (Age of the Andinna: Book 4)
The Enemy’s Triumph (Age of the Andinna: Book 5)
The Champion’s Ruin (Age of the Andinna: Book 6)
The Avatar’s Flight (Age of the Andinna: Book 7)
All books are full length novels, ranging from 140,000-180,000 words.

Age of the Andinna is a reverse harem epic fantasy series. The female lead collect her lovers as the series progresses.
There is triggering content in this series including but not limited to: abuse, violence, mature language, and sexual content. It’s recommended for mature audiences.

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