Age of the Andinna Volume One

Age of the Andinna Volumes


Release Date: May 15, 2020
Age of the Andinna Volume One by Kristen Banet

Begin the journey of Mave Lorren, Champion of the Colosseum, slave of the Elvasi Empire, and the personal property of the Empress. She was the reason her people, the Andinna, lost the War against the Elvasi Empire and found themselves enslaved. She’s the boogeyman of her own people, killing on the sands to survive another day.

For a thousand years, she’s stood alone.
And that’s all going to change.

Mave is about to embark on a journey of growth, becoming who she needs to be to free her people. She’ll meet lovers, family, friends, and allies along the way. She’ll be pushed to her limits as the battles take their tolls and she’ll need to find the strength in herself to fight for something far more than survival.

The Elvasi Empire forged a weapon in the pits of the Colosseum. For years, they pointed that weapon at their slaves.
Now she’s aiming for them.

This set includes books one through three of the Age of the Andinna series. All of these books are well over four hundred pages a piece and they only mark the beginning of Mave’s story.
-The Gladiator’s Downfall
-The Mercenary’s Bounty
-The Warrior’s Assault

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