A Night of Redemption

The Redemption Saga

Book Five

Release Date: February 15, 2019
A Night of Redemption, Redemption Saga Book Five by Kristen Banet

Sawyer Matthews is a retired and presumed-dead assassin. Ripped from her life of shadows and secrets, she’s decided to gamble it all and accept a new chapter in her life—one that may lead to a brighter future.

It slipped between her fingers. At the eleventh hour, the World Magi Council took away her evidence of redemption. The one thing she truly wanted and needed to live a normal life and prove she wasn’t what everyone believed. Instead, she has one journey left to make. One man to bring to justice.

But her support is reeling. The men she loves are dealing with a pain she only knows too well. They’re going to need to pull themselves together, look to the future, and finish this last task. She needs them and they need her as they work together on this trying and painful case as one question looms over them, casting a shadow over their days.

Can Sawyer find redemption in killing the monster that made her one?

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