Blood of the Wicked: Everly Abbott 2 PREORDER

I said on the release day for Servant of the Blood, I wouldn’t post the blurb of Everly Abbott 2 in the blog.Well, consider this the official announcement post for Blood of the Wicked!

Everly is a vampire now. Yikes. I did that. I killed her in her first book of her own series.Look, humans don’t really last too long in this world. Especially soft squishy humans around vampires. Vampires are probably the worst supernatural to run afoul of for a human and uh, Everly ran afoul.

But it’s okay, she’s a vampire now! With Alexius teaching her how to be a vampire. She’s even going to take his job offer because idle hands and all that. Maybe she just has a bone to pick with bad vampires. I wouldn’t blame her.
So what comes next for Everly? BLOOD OF THE WICKED DOES!
The cover:

I'm really proud of my work on this cover.

Here’s the blurb!

I once worked for vampires.
I’d never thought I’d be one.

My throat is always on fire. My mouth is always dry. The only thing that helps?

Human blood.

As much as vampires need it, it is also our curse. Blood can drive us mad if we’re not careful. That madness breeds a wickedness as the need for blood reigns supreme. We revel in it, desiring the power and vitality it gives us. When we drain someone, we get high; it’s a rush that some vampires love to chase once they cross that line. Vampires will do anything to get it and there’s nothing that will stop them from killing hundreds. Our humanity slips away the more we indulge the need and there is no way to regain it.

Alexius makes it his duty to kill any vampire that loses control and I’ve promised to help him. After months, I get to help on my first case, just like I wanted to the night I woke up as an immortal.

I thought I knew what sort of vampires we’d be stopping. I didn’t think about how bad things could get.

My name is Everly Abbott…And the wicked really do know no bounds.

And here’s the preorder link!

I hope you all loved Servant of the Blood and can’t wait for more!
Personally, I love Everly. I have the same computer obsession she does. Good times.
Until next time! <3

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2 years ago

Awesome! Everly was sure put through the wringer in the first book, but she’s got grit. Your characters are so well thought out, and I’m excited to follow along as you tell us Everly’s tale.

2 years ago

Can’t wait! I loved Everly!