It’s here!!

Erika and Ariel are magic. We’ve caught up with the Kaliya Sahni series! Now all we do is wait on the last book, together!

Grab it here:

There’s going to be another blog tomorrow, because audio announcements always come when I have 4 other announcements and stuff to make…

April is going to be a busy month…

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2 years ago

I started listening to your audiobooks this past summer. I never intended to get hooked. Honestly, I originally just clicked on the Audible recommendation while I waited for another Jane or Mercy story to come out. But I fell in love with the world you have created. Even though I got started with Jacky and picked up Kaliya while waiting for more Jacky…… This was the best Audible I’ve heard of all the Tribunal Archives books, bar none. Even the narrator is bettern ever before. So good. Several riveting scenes and twists. Truly great storytelling. Makes me sad it’s almost finished (for me). ….so I went and bought all the other stories in this world I can find.