Alchan and Rainev 18+[AotA POV]

Book: The Rebel’s Vision (Age of the Andinna 4)

Copyrighted Kristen Banet/K.N. Banet 2020

All Rights Reserved

First draft state and full of errors. I make a whole bunch of typos in my first draft.

Contains spoilers

THIS POV IS FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY. These are the extended moments between Alchan and Rainev in The Rebel’s Vision.

Scene 1- The Camping Trip


Rain was packing his bags and Alchan’s heart race. He couldn’t let Rain leave. He should, but he couldn’t. Alchan knew better.

Alchan jumped to his feet and crossed the distance in seconds. He grabbed Rain’s elbow and yanked him to his feet. He spun the new potential partner, his cock already aching at the idea of having this male, right here, right now.

“Rain,” Alchan murmured. He held tightly to what was left of his shredded control. He needed to do that. Wine was already making him half out of his mind, but he would not ever hurt this male. Not this one. “Are you serious?”


One word started to unravel what sanity Alchan had left, but he desperately tried to hold on to the threads and keep himself together.

“You can tell me no at any time. You can tell me you don’t like something. You can leave whenever you need to,” Alchan whispered. Always let them run. I can’t keep people. He would hate me for trying to keep him.

“I won’t leave,” Rain replied, his voice strong.

I’m ruined. May the Skies have mercy on me, I’m ruined.

In the back of his mind, he heard his brother screaming at him to stop. He saw the pissed off faces of his warriors. Mave threatening to cut him open and leave him looking at body parts that belonged in his body, not out of it. He tried to shove aside that Rain was related to another warrior. He couldn’t bring himself to think of that relation.

But his control was gone now. No matter what hatred he would get from them or self loathing he would pile on himself, there was no stopping. A bedru male found something he wanted and the ability to reason disappeared. Alchan was well beyond that line he tried to never cross.

Alchan pulled Rain’s face up by his chin to look at him, and their mouths met again. He took a keen delight in the taste of the male. As his tongue explored the mutt’s mouth, and his free hand wrapped around and grabbed the male’s ass, Alchan’s brain turned off.

He knew better.

Not that any of it mattered when his lips touched Rain’s. That stopped really any coherent thought he was capable of. He realized it the moment Rain had leaned in to show him what was possible. It had always been somewhere on his mind since Rain had become his nemari. Rain was attractive, and strong. It went deeper than that, though.

He didn’t hold the same attachment to the younger male that the rest of the Company did. He’d always just seen a mutt Andinna who would grow to be a warrior. He’d avoided Rain for years, knowing either Rain or his father would one day die in his service. He never knew the boy. He never knew the youth. He really only knew the young warrior who held a sword like many of Alchan’s best warriors. He only truly knew the adult male that left the pits with a Champion at his side.

Many looked at Rain and only saw the body. The sensual, lean, and probably very limber, body. Rain was all of that, certainly. He was beautiful, in his own unique way like most half-breeds were.

But many also missed Rain’s power. They figured if he wasn’t in his wyvern skin, he was nothing. Alchan knew better. He saw the power behind the submissive eyes. Rain was beginning to understand exactly what sort of power a male held when technically at the bottom.

And now, Alchan was drowning in it. Drowning in the dichotomy of Rainev, the submissive mutt who transformed into the most powerful beast to fly the skies. The fearful, hurt young male and the tested warrior.

He wants me and I can’t tell him no. Not tonight. Ah, Skies, why tonight?

Before his lips left Rain’s, he started undoing the male’s breeches, his hand sliding in the front to stroke a cock he knew would be ready. He had to be sure, though. There was only one thing that kept Alchan grounded, and that was the fervent belief he would never take someone who didn’t want or expect it.

Rain both wanted and expected.

A moan against his lips was all he needed as a sign to continue shoving down the male’s breeches. He pulled back, letting Rain kick off the only thing he’d been wearing. Male Andinna didn’t often waste their times with shirts, which Alchan had always perversely been okay with. A young, boyish feeling he should have gotten over centuries ago, he only grew better at ignoring it.

“I’m rough,” he warned, turning Rain to look away from him. “Are you okay with that? I’ll try to be… gentle with you. I promise.”


“Lay down,” he ordered.

Alchan forced himself to let go, his cock aching as he went to find his bottle of oil .He hadn’t brought it for this. He’d brought it because he always came out here to this cavern alone and rubbed it out. He’d been sexed deprived for over a year. He had to find satisfaction in any way he could.

He never thought Rain would offer it to him. He would have taken the damn bottle out, or told Rain to stay in the village. Something that would prove an inconvenience to stop what was about to happen.

But Alchan found the bottle of oil and slickened himself, watching the young male in the firelight as he settled onto Alchan’s bedroll. Smart male knew where Alchan wanted him.

Pulse pounding, Alchan went back to him, kneeling behind Rain. His hands actually shook a little now, realizing this was the first time he’d ever been invited to someone’s body like this. He’d never been here before, never with a willing partner.

That, in and of itself, nearly scared him off.

Rain positioned himself on his hands and knees, the signal very clear.

And whatever fears Alchan had disappeared.

Freely offered.

He’d never received such a gift before.

And he intended to claim every fucking heart beat of it.

He eased himself in slowly, pleased by the sensual, hearty moan underneath him. He waited for Rain to grow comfortable and relax just a little more to his size.

Then he began to rock, pushing every bit of his length into the male repeatedly, growing rougher with every thrust, hoping desperately that Rain didn’t tell him to stop now. He wasn’t sure he could, not now.

After several moments of the hard pace Alchan had set, Rain’s arms gave out and Alchan leaned over him further, trapping the young male underneath him. The possessive bedru monster he was, he realized Rain was all his now, unable to get away unless he demanded it to stop. Wings held down wings. His tail kept Rain’s out of the way. He wrapped one arm around Rain and gently took the male’s throat, feeling Rain tighten on him, his cries growing louder. He didn’t hold tightly, only pinching his fingers to the sides of Rain’s neck, to remind him of who was in charge. It was all he needed and Rain responded beautifully, better than anyone Alchan had ever been with.


“Tell me what you want,” Alchan growled in his ear, fucking harder with every passing moment. Rain was practically on his stomach now and Alchan had complete control over the body underneath him. Exactly how he liked it.

“T-T-Touch me,” Rain gasped out between cried of pleasure. Alchan groaned and buried his face in Rain’s hair, taking his hand off the younger male’s throat and let it trail down. He took Rain’s cock in hand and began to pump it in time with his thrusts.

Alchan was glad he had such a good idea of the male underneath him. His grip was harder than he normally used on a lover and it sent Rain over the edge right on time. Alchan, so strung out and needing a night like this, emptied himself deep inside Rain’s ass soon after.

He groaned, rolling to the side and took Rain with him, refusing to pull his cock out of the tight home it found. Rain panted beside him, covered in sweat. Alchan could only imagine what kind of chill that would give them later, so he relented, pulling out of Rain and found another blanket, pulling it over both of them.

“Get some sleep,” Alchan ordered, staring at the cavern ceiling, thinking about what had just happened.

Rain was snoring very softly only heartbeats later. He turned and Alchan froze as an arm snaked over his waist and Rain’s head nestled to his chest.

I could have been rougher. Skies, at least I was able to hold back a little.

And he’s… he’s holding me. No one…

He didn’t know how long he laid there staring, trying to understand what was going on and how it had come to this. When Rain began to stir, a possessive monster woke up as well. Rain tried to pull away and Alchan held him, a soft growl echoing through the caverns.

“I need to… do some business,” Rain mumbled, blinking slowly. “I’ll be right back.”

Alchan released him, realizing he was in over his head now. He watched Rain leave the cavern. He watched the male come back. Every bit of his soul was clawing to get up and take the male again. To own every piece of him and keep him forever. Not just any male, of which Alchan could probably have the pick.

This one.

Alchan rose, half stalking Rain, and began to put two extra logs on the fire. Rain, visibly swallowing, moved back towards the bedroll while Alchan worked.

Once Rain was back where Alchan wanted him, the bedru king grinned and climbed over Rain again.

Just this one.

He brought Rain back to attention again with his mouth before kissing up the lean male’s body, positioning himself to take Rain again.

“Tell me no,” Alchan said, almost begging for Rain to tell him to trap the possessive monster that had come out to play.

“Yes,” Rain whispered.

Alchan growled and shoved into Rain again, this time staring into sapphire blue eyes that were too bright for their own good.

And he lost himself in the possessive passion.

Just tonight and just this one, he promised himself.

He just hoped he wasn’t lying to himself.

Scene 2- Alchan’s Bedroom


Rain watched Alchan’s door close. He didn’t need much time to decide what he intended to do. His king was injured and needed assistance. Beyond that, the line was drawn and Rain wanted to cross it. He wanted to make it very clear to the male beyond that wooden door what he wanted and how much he wanted it. With one deep breath, he pushed Alchan’s door open and stared at the male sitting across the room on top of a trunk. He didn’t step in, not yet.

He was a gorgeous male, Alchan Andini, king of their people. The last pureblood royal Andinna, he was the perfect example of the perfection of their kind. His black hair went down to his shoulders, though some times it was allowed to get longer than that. His horns came out just above his years and went up in a style that made him seem taller, like a crown. He could stab an enemy with those and no one would bat an eye. His classic black Andinna eyes encased the rare amber, richer than the knock off red-orange colors some Andinna had.

And that was before Rain’s eyes trained down further to the perfection that was Alchan’s body, thick and well muscled. He knew Alchan was watching him, which kept his eyes on the king’s, the dominant bedru that wanted to own him.

“I told you. I can bandage myself up,” the rough, deep voice said, sending shivers down Rain’s spine.

Rain stepped in the door, raising his chin, crossing the threshold of the room.

“I want this,” the mutt announced. Rain knew weeks before there was no one else. No one who would give him what he craved and made him feel safe at the same time. No one who really understood how submissive he was but respected him nonetheless. The males his age certainly had never respected him. Oh, the sex had been fun, but it had never been respectful, needed, or necessary. Not the way Alchan made him feel.

Alchan leaned back against the wall, his legs open and stretched out. His cock was already hard. Rain couldn’t stop his own gaze from going down and staring while Alchan got comfortable.

“Prove it,” the king dared.

Rain closed the bedroom door and crossed the room in six large steps. stopping between Alchan’s legs. Today, without the wine or the heady emotions, it took more courage than ever to cross that room. It wasn’t as easy as the kiss behind that waterfall.

But he knew it would only make him happy, which got him those six steps across the room. He didn’t bother to push his breeches off and see what Alchan would do to him. It wasn’t about that right now. Alchan was worried Rain wouldn’t do what was needed, be the type of lover he needed.

He knew what Alchan needed.

Then he got on his knees.

Alchan’s cock stood tall and jerked as Rain trailed his tongue on the underside of it. Alchan’s groan was music.

He wrapped a hand around the thick shaft and began to stroke the base as he closed his mouth over the tip. Alchan wrapped a hand roughly through his hair and pushed down. Rain only relaxed and accepted that, sucking and licking as more cock filled his mouth. Alchan wanted and needed complete control most of the time. It was in his nature, which was fine with Rain.

After several strokes, Alchan pulled Rain off his cock by his hair.

“Give me a word,” Alchan said roughly, staring down at him.

Rain was immediately confused when he shouldn’t have been. He knew what Alchan was asking.

“Um…” Rain tried to think of something, a little thrown off.

“To stop me if I push you too far. Something that will tell me it’s time to stop,” the bedru continued, reaching out with his other hand. It took his chin and a rough thumb rubbed his cheek, caressing him. The touch made Rain feel like he was special. “Because sometimes, you’ll not be sure if you want it to stop or not. And further, we’re Andinna and sometimes, you’ll want me to work for it and it could get rough. It will get rough, Rain. Tell me a word that will make it all stop. Something that will tell me that you hate what I’m doing to you. Or that I’ve hurt you.”

“Elliar,” Rain whispered without thinking. He saw Alchan’s throat work through a swallow.

“That’s… That will work,” the king whispered.

Rain didn’t let either of them settle on that thought for long, wanting Alchan more than he wanted to think of the past. Alchan’s hold had loosened, letting him taking the king’s cock back in his mouth and he pushed himself down on it, taking as much as he could into his throat. He closed his eyes, only focused on the physical. This male, this moment.

“Fuck,” Alchan growled, his hips jerking and pushing the cock further back. Rain nearly gagged, but experience made it easier for him than it probably would be for anyone else. Alchan’s hands wrapped in his hair again, holding him place as the king thrust his hips, fucking Rain’s mouth now. Rain grabbed onto the bedru’s muscular thighs, letting his new lover use him the way he wanted.

“Hit the trunk twice if you need to breath,” Alchan said, his rough voice thick with desire. He got to his feet, holding Rain where he was and didn’t miss a thrust.

Rain held on as his mouth was used. Alchan pulled out after what felt like an eternity, leaving Rain panting and somewhat confused.

“You didn’t—”

“I’m not wasting that on your mouth,” Alchan growled down at him. “Not right now.”

Rain’s heart skipped a beat and his pulse picked up. He was nearly dizzy as Alchan pulled his head back to look up at him again, towering over him. Alchan released his hair and hauled him to his feet by his elbows, spinning him to look away. Rain leaned back onto the large chest behind him as masculine hands, a warrior’s hand, reached around undid his breeches. Rain, feeling wanton, rubbed his ass against Alchan. One of those hands came up and grabbed Rain’s throat, much the same way Alchan had grabbed him the first night they were together.

It should have terrified him, but he knew Alchan. He knew what rode the king, what haunted him. He was safe because Alchan couldn’t survive hurting someone he was in bed with, even if he was rough and demanding.

His breeches were shoved down, exposing his own hard cock. Rain nearly whimpered as Alchan ignored it, shifting his grasp on him and pushed Rain to turn towards a wall. Rain found himself staring at the detail of the stone as Alchan pushed him up against it. Alchan’s cock grinded him behind and something cool slickened between them. When Alchan had pulled that out for them, Rain had no idea. He didn’t have much of a chance to consider it.

Alchan entered him fully in a single thrust, a please snarl echoing off the walls in time with Rain’s cry of pleasure. He had no grip and was practically on his toes as Alchan leaned onto him, the massive size of the bedru keeping Rain pinned.

Rain knew this feeling. It was his biggest turn on. Losing control. He’s learned an important distinction in the last 2 years. Feeling safe was also important. That’s what had been missing from his life for so long. He’d thought everyone would be safe. Everyone would follow the rules. They didn’t.

But Alchan did. Alchan used him, holding him place, taking away all of his control, and yet, Rain never felt safer in a bedroom with anyone.

Alchan growled possessively with each thrust. Rain could only cry out for mercy, but it was a half hearted effort. He loved this.

Alchan must have gotten tired of the wall or the position, because he pulled out and spun Rain again. Rain’s back hit the wall hard, but it wasn’t painful. Just a reminder that he wasn’t the strongest male in the room. Alchan lifted his legs. Rain reached down slowly, hoping he was doing the right thing. He helped guide Alchan back inside of him with a moan.

“Good,” Alchan groaned.

Rain was forced into the wall, his feet off the ground as Alchan pounded into him. He wrapped his arms around the big male and clung for dear life as he felt all of his previous expectations get shattered. It was endless and relentless.

When any of Rain’s previous lovers would have finished, Alchan was still going strong. He pulled Rain off the wall and went down on his knees, laying Rain underneath him.

Rain liked this position. He loved seeing Alchan’s eyes as he was taken, dominated, and controlled. Alchan held him down by his throat and continued to thrust, a single minded effort to wring every bit of pleasure he could out of Rain. It was in his eyes, a glazed over look. Rain tried to reach up and touch Alchan’s chest as he cried out, wanting to touch the amazing male over him. That sharpened the king’s gaze again, who used his free hand to grab Rain’s wrist. His eyes were still sharp as Rain felt the hand leave his neck to grab his other arm. Both of them were forced over his head and Alchan leaned down, thrusting hard.

Their lips met, their bodies collided, their chests rubbed against each other. Rain’s cock finally found some attention, being forced to rub against Alchan’s abdomen. That was all it needed.

As they were locked in a kiss, Rain came on their stomachs. Alchan growled in pleasure and thrust two more times before coming deep inside him. Rain was still moaning after his own release was done. He felt hyper sensitive, aware of every little movement of Alchan inside of him.

“See?” Alchan whispered against his lips, seeming unfazed by the activity they had just been a part of. “I use you, and you’ll love me for it.”

“I see,” Rain panted, not nearly so composed. “I want more.”

“Hmmm,” Alchan hummed, ducking his head to nuzzle against Rain’s neck. Rain gasped as the king bit down on him. When Alchan came back up to kiss him, Rain really and truly did want more.

“Come in here tonight,” Alchan said softly. “And I’ll give you the world, Rain.”

“I just want you to share it with me.”

Something flashed in Alchan’s eyes and the bedru nodded slowly.

“Then share we shall.”