A release and a preorder in one day?!

A double whammy of news! Neither of them are Everly Abbott 3, sadly. I’m hoping to have that preorder available by April 15th. Both of these were ready to go, and they are smaller releases. It was easy to get them uploaded and off my to do list.


Age of the Andinna Volume 2!

Just snuck it right out without warning you. Ha! Well, April is the 1 year anniversary since I completed the series so it’s time. I already had a cover. I just never got around to releasing it!

Look at that beautiful artwork.


Ancient and Immortal. Coming out 22 April, 2022

Ancient and Immortal was previously published in the Call of Magic Anthology. There is no change in content, no additional content. Nothing. Therefore, you won’t be seeing it on the Home Page. It’s the same thing. I’m not going to change all the orders and stuff to have it track over there.

Except it’s $2.99 and it has a cover with Zuri on it!

And a paperback version, a shocking 130 pages long which will be out before release day!

No hardcover edition. It’s too short. Also, probably no audiobook.

You can get the preorder now!

Hey Zuri!