A Nature of Conflict, Redemption Saga Book Three by Kristen Banet

A Blog of Things?

Well, what to even talk about. Today, An Echo of Darkness released. That’s a thing, y’all. With it out there’s only one more book left. And I’m writing it right now. Or I’ve just finished it. (I might be writing this blog a couple weeks in advance. I’m writing to the future, though, I guess I’ll be a past iteration of myself by the time this comes out. Let’s not get too involved in the timeline, shall we?)

Edit: I’ve come back on a later date, November 14th, just to say I finished the first draft of A Night of Redemption, Sawyer’s last book. I’m hungover everyone. You can look forward to being with me in this state on February 15th 2019. Thanks to the 3 month release schedule, the last book of the series will release one year to the day from the first book, A Life of Shadows. I hope, I really hope, it completes it for everyone. Sawyer, I’m going to miss writing you. We’ve been on such a journey.

Back to the regularly scheduled blog post:

I’ve got a lot going on, which is why you haven’t seen a blog post from me in a little while and why this one is a bit scarce. Sorry about that. I’ve got a new series coming out in December, something I’ve been excited to share for a long time. Age of the Andinna, epic fantasy with some reverse harem relationship stuff going on. And I’ve got a secret series that has a book done to it so far. Expect more on that in December 2018 for a Spring release.

I’m good. I’m writing. Hope you’re all good too. 2018 is nearly over and I’ll do an end of the year review in December. That will be fun!

Have a picture of my cat in the mean time.

(There’s no picture. It was lost in a site transfer. Sorry!)