2019 in review and a look at 2020

Hey everyone!

So, there’s been a meme status going around Facebook right now about looking back on 2019 as an author. I was already planning on doing a blog post, and it’s finally here!

So… 2019 first! I’m going to do month: title and series!


February: A Night of Redemption (The Redemption Saga 5)

March: Bounty Hunters and Black Magic (Witch of the Wild West 1)

April: The Mercenary’s Bounty (Age of the Andinna 2)

May: Werewolves and Wranglers (Witch of the Wild West 2)

June: The Redemption Saga Boxset

June: Wild Love (Kingson Pride Epilogue Novella)

July: Oath Sworn (Jacky Leon 1)

September: The Warrior’s Assault (Age of the Andinna 3)

November: Family and Honor (Jacky Leon 2)

Now, something happened in the second half of the year. Only three of those releases happened in it. I moved across the country and lost a lot of writing time. Then I got a new puppy and had a friend visit! I think I lost two entire months, July and September. It made me a little sad to keep pushing stuff back. In the end, Age of the Andinna 4 was pushed into 2020, for February. (It’s coming, I promise!)

I also branched out from RH and put my first series ever on hiatus. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not abandoning RH, there’s going to be more from me, but I needed a break. All of the books in Jacky’s world will not be RH, but I plan on revisiting The Magi of The Redemption Saga for at least one other story. I want to finish Witch of the Wild West. I just don’t want to do either of those right now. Age of the Andinna is currently my only RH series that is running.

Now onto 2020! This is a very tentative plan and all release months should be taken with a grain of salt. Unless I give a complete bold date. Then it’s confirmed.

The Rebel’s Vision (Age of the Andinna 4): Mid February 2020 (I’m just waiting on the cover art to pick the final date!)

Bounty (Kaliya Sahni 1): March 13th, 2020

Broken Loyalty (Jacky Leon 3): April 15th, 2020

Age of the Andinna 5: June 2020

Kaliya Sahni 2: July 2020

Jacky Leon 4: August 2020

Age of the Andinna 6: October 2020

Kaliya Sahni 3: November 2020

Jacky Leon 5: Dec 2020

Oh man, that’s ambitious and I know it is. In total, I’m going to try and publish… nine books, not including any box sets that might come out or short stories or anything else. Want to know a secret? The first two are written already. I’m about 4 months ahead. I’m writing Jacky 3 right now! What’s even crazier with next year’s schedule is that none of the series finish next year. I’ll have one more Age of the Andinna book to publish all the way out in 2021. Goodness. If I stay on this schedule, I’ll be done writing Age of the Andinna before the year ends, it just won’t be published. We’ll see. Maybe this is going to kill me. Maybe I’ll need to push a couple of books into 2021. But this is the goal. I’m excited to share it with you. Wish me luck, because I could get sick or anything else and it would all get rolled back.

Some other things to talk about…

Kaliya Sahni is set in the same world as Jacky Leon. They have some very minor crossover (major events that are referenced between the series and side characters might show up in both), but are otherwise unrelated and explore different aspects of the Tribunal world.

The world also now has an official name in case you missed it, The Tribunal of Supernatural Law. I might change this, though. I’m undecided like that.

I have at least two other story ideas for this world as well, but which ever one of those I start will most likely come after I finish Kaliya or Jacky so earliest is 2021 (or 2022 O.O).

Now for a little general information about currently open series.

Series Book Counts:

Jacky Leon- Currently planned for 9 books

Kaliya Sahni- Currently planned for 6 books

Age of the Andinna- 7 books

Witch of the Wild West- 5 books (ON HIATUS)

And with all of that out of the way, let me just say…

Thank you for 2019. Thank you for reading, whether you were with me from previous years or new this year. Whether you like RH or like my new urban fantasy world. Thank you for the reading.

Here’s to another year of words. Another year of stories.

I appreciate every single one of you. Have a wonderful 2020.

Kristen Banet